Collision Center of Florida – Window Care

Whether you are a lifelong Florida resident, snow bird, or recent transplant, you know they don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. And you’ve probably also noticed that lots of cars around you have snazzy tinted windows. Here in South Florida, window tint is about more than just looking cool or pimping your ride. Here are just a few reasons to consider this investment:

Look and Feel Cool You’ve probably experienced the feeling of burning flesh or wondering if you’re going to melt right into your driver’s seat before. Window tint uses thermal rejection film to block the sun’s penetrating rays that can heat up your car’s interior and your posterior.  Additionally, window tint can save you from blasting the AC on max saving you gas and money.

Prevent Premature Aging Most of us know to use sunscreen whether we’re going to the beach or out on the boat. When the sun is shining—which is often here in South Florida—our skin needs protection from its harmful UV rays. But many of us may not realize that we are exposing ourselves to the dangers of sun exposure even during our daily commute if we don’t have a UV blocking  window tint on our cars.

Protect Your Stuff While security is not necessarily the intent, window tint does provide an extra layer of safety for your vehicle and your possessions. Thieves have but a few seconds to break a window and access whatever valuables might be inside. First, they’ll have a harder time seeing into your car to assess anything worth stealing. Second, when a tinted window is broken, the glass remains in a solid piece attached to the tint film making it much nearly impossible for a thief to smash and grab.

Cut Annoying and Dangerous Glare While Florida sunsets are spectacular, it’s both distracting and dangerous to have the sun glaring in your window while you fumble with the shade (that often just misses blocking the sun.) Window tint eliminates the distraction and danger allowing you to enjoy sunset drives.

Add Privacy Finally, window tint gives you a little more privacy. Whether it’s keeping people from seeing what’s in your backseat while you’re parked or just feeling a little greater sense of solitude when you’re on the road, tint upgrades you to first class.

Now that you know so many reasons why tinted windows are about more than just looking cool, call Grieco Collision today and upgrade your ride.

Window tinting is just one of the services Grieco Collision Center of Florida offers. Our technicians specialize in making sure your vehicle always looks its best. We offer reconditioning and detail services, paintless dent repair and more. And we can handle any vehicles from luxury and foreign cars to heavy duty trucks, motorhomes, RV’s and campers.

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