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Floridian Post-Winter Car Cleaning Tips

FtLauderdaleColliisonWe all know the basics about cleaning and maintaining our car’s windows, dashboard and upholstery. But what about those pesky little nooks and crannies? Unlike English muffins that soak up the buttery goodness, cars fill up with dust and crumbs to make even the cleanest car look unsightly. Come spring, Floridians won’t have to deal with the type of spring car cleanup that Northeasterners do, but still have to clean their cars regardless. No matter the season or climate, here are some tips to keep your ride looking its best whether you’re heading out to work, or hitting the beach, club, or bar (mitzvah):

  • 3 ways ways to remove gunk from hard to reach areas are compressed air, a flathead screwdriver and a rag, or a Q-Tip. A couple blasts of compressed air will blow the bug carcasses and bubble gum wrappers out. Don’t own an air compressor? Use a Q-Tip or wrap a rag around the end of a flathead screwdriver instead. It’ll clean all those tricky little spots and crevices to your OCD heart’s content.
  • Cracks and crevices aren’t just on the interior of your car. Most car designs feature dips and grooves where dirt and grime collect. Use a clay bar to gently clean away the dirt without damaging your paint job. 
  • Unless you’ve lived without electricity or the internet for the past decade, you’ve heard about the numerous benefits of a microfiber cleaning cloths . Truth: microfiber cloths can cut car detailing time in half. Hence why they are a staple of  most professional car care shops.
  • Sometimes the parts that need to be cleaned and cared for the most are overlooked because they’re not in plain sight. No matter how shiny you’re rims are, you’re not going anywhere if what’s under the hood isn’t functioning properly. Check your battery for corrosion. Something as simple as a baking soda solution can be used to get your battery back in working order in a hurry.
  • Baking soda, water, and an old toothbrush work wonders to get dirt out of leather.
  • Dab olive oil onto a rag and rub to give your dashboards a quick, beautiful shine. Add a drop of orange or lavender essential oil to the mix and your interior will smell amazing.