Are Your Tires Ready? (Savings Inside!)

We get it. You’re busy. Summer is over, the kids are back to school, and you’re managing your hectic schedule—possibly alongside other people’s schedules. In between home, the office, the grocery store, the bank, swim practice, and whatever else life throws your way, your car isn’t just a vehicle. Your car is the key to managing all of this!

Can Your Car’s Tires Handle Your Life?

You’re managing enough. Don’t let your car’s tires create more work for you! Make sure your car’s tires can keep on rolling with the punches with this handy guide:

Check Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires not only cost you money via less fuel-efficiency, they also increase your risk of accidents. Don’t rely on your car’s tire-pressure monitoring system and always check your tire pressure when tires are cold (about 3 hours after parked).

Check Tire Tread

You already know we’re big fans on the penny test. That’s because it’s so simple, a third grader could do it.

To determine if your tires have excessive wear by placing a penny between two raised sections on the surface of your tire. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s probably time for replacement tires.

Check Tire Sidewalls

Inspect your tires for cuts, bulges, or any other abnormalities. These issues lead to much greater risks of blowouts or accidents.

If your tires just don’t cut it, contact Grieco Collision Center! We’re offering 10% off new tires or tire repair! We’ll make sure your tires don’t derail you or your schedule.